Video spotlight: Catch of the Past

We all have our favorite catches from the years gone by. I often revel in the "hero shot" of a 27-inch brown I managed to hook and land on Argentina's Rio Limay, or the 45-and-a-half-inch pike I nabbed on Reindeer Lake in northern Saskatchewan a couple years back. 

Fly Fishing - Catch of the Past - Steelhead, Bulls and Browns - By Todd Moen

But if you're Todd Moen, the creative mind behind Catch Magazine, you likely have a few more fish to choose from, even if the bulk of your work comes from behind the camera catching other people's hero shots in megapixels rather than hooking and landing big fish yourself. 

I get a feeling, though, that each massive fish brought to hand in front of Todd's camera is beloved as much by the artist as by the angler. Watch the short film above, and I bet you agree with me. 

— Chris Hunt 


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